(+) Best Online Courses #17

Master JavaScript Closures, Data Structures and Map/Reduce on SitePoint by M. David Green

This course on SitePoint Premium is M. David Green’s follow-up to his excellent Learn JavaScript Syntax and Programming Principles course which I previously highlighted (as the first course in this series). As a continuation to that course, it covers some important material including regular expressions, closures & hoisting, using arrays and objects, and iterative methods like forEach, map, and reduce. As in the previous course, each topic was demonstrated succinctly with all example code written on JSBin, with clear explanations provided as well. Overall, another excellent course by M. David Green, but I did end up wishing for a little more “meat” to the course as it felt a bit short, and some more advanced topics wouldn’t have been amiss.

Conclusion: Definitely a recommended course for more intermediate concepts in JavaScript, especially if you already have a SitePoint Premium subscription, but if you don’t, some of the material can be found in other places as well, including on Pluralsight’s JavaScript Road Trip Part 3 (originally by Code School), as well as Kyle Simpson’s You Don’t Know JS (which is freely available online).

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (-0.5 for blurry text in the videos affecting readability of the JavaScript code written on JSBin)