A preview of things to come…

Although I may not have posted anything here in several months, I’ve been hard at work recently on a new idea. To be more specific, I’ve started planning and outlining an ebook to address what I see as an extremely common problem for people who are new to web development: the lack of appropriate background information to contextualize all of the information that you have to learn at the beginning when getting into web development.

As mentioned in my About page, learning web development is hard, and I’ve seen firsthand on platforms like freeCodeCamp that many people haven’t had the resources that they need to get started to understand web development concepts. Not to bash freeCodeCamp in any way of course, but I believe even the beginning of its curriculum starts at a level that is too advanced for newcomers to the field.

This is why I’m now working on an ebook (actually, a set of ebooks!) that I’m going to call “Web Development Zero” (it’s a working title, subject to change) to help newcomers learn and become familiar with important web development concepts.

I’m posting my initial Table of Contents for the first ebook below as a preview to show what’s in store. I’ll follow this up later with Table of Contents for other ebooks planned in the set!

Web Development Zero: Book 1 (The User Perspective)


Who this book is for

How to read and use this book


Chapter 1: Determining if coding is for you

Chapter 2: What should you know / have?



How to learn

Computer essentials

Software essentials

Chapter 3: Intro to the Web

Web history

Web browsers

Browser extensions

Chapter 4: Web Apps 101

What is a web app?

How web apps work behind the scenes