Announcing my new tech blog @ Hashnode

Today I started a secondary blog over at Hashnode that will be more intended to provide hands-on coding tutorials and other types of posts focused exclusively on actually writing code, that would normally be out-of-scope here on the Coding-Unboxed site. This site is certainly here to stay and will remain that way as a blog intended for the widest and broadest audience possible. Its purpose will always be to deliver content and resources for those getting started on their journey towards learning to code, even if that content & resources don’t quite exist yet at this point in time, and its focus will never be on actually writing code or building applications – there are plenty of other learning resources on the Web for that after all.

Rather, consider the new secondary blog as a supplement (or complement) to Coding-Unboxed that will serve more to provide hands-on practical exercises and tutorials to apply concepts and material that you will certainly learn in your coding journey, and will certainly not be for intended use until after you comfortably learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript at minimum.

The new secondary blog can be found at Hashnode and is called simply my techBlog and the first post is on Building a Nuxt 3 starter app with headless Drupal 10 (a topic that I found to be criminally not written about enough, when I tried to Google it recently).